John with page Hunter Meredith.  Both had a great day working together!
click here to view

John giving acceptance speech November 4, 2014 at Franklin College: click here

PICTURES FROM: Evening at Mallow Run, Fall 2014– Click on title below to view

John thanking supporters
Steve Shaul, Jennifer Clark and Sheriff Doug Cox
Kevin McGinnis, Bargersville Town Manager
Sheriff Doug Cox and Norma Deer

2014 Hickory Stick Golf Outing– Click on title below to view picture

John Price and Erin Smith
AIC Group
Duke Farms Group
Steve Shaul Group
IPL,Indiana Chamber, Greenwood City Council ATT, United Consulting Group
Green-Owens Group
Morgan County GOP Group
Mayor Mark Myers Group
Patriot Tactical – title sponsor!
Swartz Group
United Consulting Group

Evening at Mallow Run, Fall 2012– Click on title below to view picture

Representative Price joined Governor Pence & Gen. Umbarger for signing of military relief fund
John Price, our next Indiana State Representative, District 47!
John Price with Sheriff Doug Cox and Cindy Weddle
Part of the group at Mallow Run
John  and Angela Fruits having a great time at Mallow Run
John with Mayor Mark Myers, Representative Woody Burton and Mayor Joe McGuinness
A shot of John and “our great photographer for the evening”, Forrest Mellott!
Our entertainment trio (and weather) could not have been better!
Chip Charles and Greg Ilko, CrossRoad Engineers, one of the evenings sponsors
Erin Smith, Co-campaign manager, introduces John
Steve Shaul, Co-campaign manager, thanks our generous sponsors
Great music, great time!
John and Mary Price
Mike Duke and Norma Deer
John with Suzanne Miller and John Chiarotti
John with Col. Marty Weaver
John, Brian and Beth Baird share laughs
Kathleen Hash enjoying the evening
Sandy and Steve Huddleston having a great time at Mallow Run
Courtney Sampson-Arango giving John his birthday card (your 45 again John????)
The ever smiling Beth Boyce
John with Loren Snyder (Johnson County Council elect)
Brenda Jacks
Pat Van Valer showing pictures (probably of himself) to Pat & Pam Sherman
Does any woman ever walk past John without hugging??

Evening at the Legends Golf Course with Mike Pence
Click here for picture of John and Mary with Mike Pence


Morgan County Lincoln Day Dinner
Click here for picture of John and Mary with the Karen Pence painting they bought at the fundraiser auction.
Click here for picture of Mary Price and Alma Shaul having a good time setting up before the dinner.
Click here for a patriotic picture of the event.  A great job by Morgan County GOP!
Click here for a picture of John talking with supporters.
Click here for a picture of John with his new masterpiece.

Johnson County REMC Annual Meeting
Click here for picture of John and supporter talking before the meeting.
Click here for picture of John and group talking before the meeting.

Johnson County Republican Women’s Pie Auction
Click here to view John holding a pie (and no longer holding any money)

Hickory Stick Golf Outing – weather, players and course was perfect!
Click on title below to view picture

Alma Shaul, Kevin McGinnis, John Price and Jill Newport
Dean Abplanalp, Greg Hemmingsen, Rick Hash and Steve Shaul
Shari Hinds and Representative Dan Leonard
Patty Smith, Steve Dillinger, Commissioner Tom Kite, and John Longenecker
Joe Trester, Lance Duke, Lanny Duke and Rich Robley
Susan McCarty, John Price and Erin Smith
John Price, out on course (already lost his clubs!)
Mark Belden, Tyler Kitchell, Mike Duke and Jim Wise (2nd place!)
Jeff Goben, Melissa Duke, Jennifer Bryant and John Reames
Group shot after outing (waiting for the prizes!)
Gary Ulerick, Caleb Brown, Jeff Brown and Dave Houchins
Matt Schnieder, Jim Sharfenberger, Billy Meyer and Mike Scheeffer (won prize for hardest names to spell!)
Jim Sargent, Erick Risk, Andrew Meier and Sean Guilfoy
Brian Bischoff, Rob Richardson and Eric Prime
Kent Moore, Anita Knowles, Mayor Mark Myers and Jarvis Jointer

Leadership Johnson County – Annual Gala – John and Mary Price have been involved with the Leadership Johnson County program for many years and once again were sponsors this year.

John with Joe Kelsey (Director of the Indiana Department of Agriculture)
John with State Rep. Woody Burton

Franklin College Meet & Greet
Click on title below to view picture
John talking with some of the attendees
John greeting people as they arrive
John with Jennifer, Scott, Ron, and Donna
John with Courtney (John appeals to supporters of all ages)
John with Luke, Nell and Marsha
John talking with Woody Burton
John with Jay Coleman

John with Mike Pence– Click here to view picture

John with Lt. Gov. Becky Skillman and Brian Walker– Click here to view picture

Evening at Lanny Wilhelm fundraiser
Click on title below to view picture
Rick Hash and Jon Williams
Jerry & Kathy Johnson
John & Mary Price with Lanny Wilhelm
R. J. McConnell, Scott Swartz and Jack Russell
Paul & Kate Maurer with Kevin McGinnis
Shan & Karen Rutherford with Jim & Linda Sargent
Stan Cramer and Gina Sims
Mary Swartz and Alma Shaul
Tom & Jill Thompson with John Price and Lanny Wilhelm
Brent Tilson and Jim Wise
Lanny Wilhelm with Karen & Paul Wojtowicz

John with Col. (ret.) Martin Weaver, Chairman Morgan Cty. Republican Central Committee Click here to view picture

John at Morgan County GOP breakfast where he was asked to speak 2/18/12  –  Click on title below to view picture
John talking with Dan and Barbara
John with Col. Marty Weaver.  John was given a public endorsement by the Morgan Cty. Republican Central Committee Chairman at the breakfast.

John at Johnson County Armory dedication – Click here to view picture

Evening at Mallow Run, Spring 2012 – Click on title below to view picture
John Price, our next District 47 representative, talking with supporters.
Bill Barrett talking with Josh McCarty and John Wilkowski. Ryan Goodwin in background.
Deb Walton and daughter Abby, our “chefs”.
Dean Abplanalp and Steve Shaul
John Price talking with David Jacks and Jerry Day. Jim and Beth Parsetich in background.
Todd and Kim Bemis, Steve Powell
Mayor Mark Myers, Sheriff Doug Cox, Scott & Mary Swartz, Kent Moore, Brenda Richards, Melissa Duke and Loren Snyder
Mike & Marcia Duke,Greg Costelow, Dean & Dorcus Abplanalp, Trent & Jill Newport, Leanne Costelow and Sam Hodson
From Disney World, the amazingly talented Jenna Coy
Jennifer Bryant, Beth & Maggie Boyce, and Doris Scroggins
Commissioner Tom Kite, Matt & Dana Green, Mayor Mark & Jan Myers, and Mike Duke


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