John L. Price – Republican Candidate for Indiana State Representative (District 47)

I will take strong leadership, common sense and proven local government practices to the state house.  Specifically, the following issues will be forefront as I lead District 47:

Taxes – I think we can all agree that we need to keep them down, and we need to control spending. We can do that by consolidating government jobs, evaluating the effectiveness of programs and prioritizing our spending.

Education — We need to work together with superintendents and school boards to ensure we take the appropriate actions to support and improve our education system. Our children are the future.

Infrastructure – Our roads, bridges and utilities are vital to our communities, and we need to explore every avenue for additional funding.  This could be through grants, low-cost bonds, or the 80/20 match through federal funding programs.  A prime example of this locally is our east-west corridor, which we are working on now.  This project is being funded with federal matching dollars, low-cost bonds and the proceeds from the wheel tax.  Another example the re-alignment of Demaree Road and Golfview Drive and the addition of a traffic signal.

Promote Economic Development and Job Growth — We need to strengthen the weak recovery so that faster employment gains will become large enough to substantially lower the unemployment rate, and we need to create an environment for more private sector jobs.

Public safety — Another important issue that is vital. We must continue to support our police, fire and EMS because we count on these people every day to fight crime and save lives.

Thank you for your support,



John L. Price